Appointment Requests, Parking Information, Salon Policies and Appointment Tips

PARKING: Please pull in the gravel parking lot and park facing the Salon building. Front door entrance only.

Please visit the Contact page if you would like more information, or to request an appointment. Include referral source when inquiring about appointments.

Successful Appointment Tips:

  • Make sure your phone number is current with the salon to receive appointment reminder notifications.
  • We do not over book, arrive on time to your scheduled appointment.
  • If you are running late, please call or text as we may need to reschedule. If you are early, please call or text to see if you can get in earlier than scheduled.
  • A late fee will automatically be charged to all no show and late arrivals that have not contacted the salon.
  • This is a smoke free facility, no smoking around or near the salon campus during, before or after your appointment.
  • Due to State Board regulations and Salon policy, no pets are allowed.
  • Allow estimated time for all services included during your appointment.
  • Reschedule your appointment if you or your family are sick. Please do not  bring children if they are out of school for sickness.
  • Bring any pictures of styles or color you like. This is not necessary but can be helpful.

Knoxville, TN | 200.5970