Let’s talk about oils, Coconut oil and other Kitchen oils to be specific.

What are the real benefits to putting a fat on hair? I’m not talking about salon grade,  professional products labeled “oil” due to their consistency. I’m talking about anyone out there who was recommended to put coconut, olive and other types of fatty oils onto hair.
I want to present some common sense being left out.

Claim- Coconut oil is moisturizing.
Fact- Moisture comes from water and nothing else. Oil and water do not mix. There is no moisture in oil. While hair might feel soft after its application, just like a candle might feel soft, you’re not feeling the wick, but the stuff coating it. (lipstick on the pig)

Claim- Your hair gets macro-nutrients from oil. (protein, fat, carbohydrates.)
Fact- The only macro nutrient in oil is fat (also contains triglycerides, sterols, fatty alcohols, phosphatides), which the hair cannot use, and would require a digestion process to extract them that hair lacks the capability to do.

Claim- Your hair gets micro-nutrients from oil. (vitimins & minerals)
Fact- The only micro-nutrients in oils are fat-soluble vitamins. The hair would need to have some process of adding its own fat (not a real thing) to hair in order to make those vitamins available. The amount of vitamins available in oil would hardly be worth the effort, even if your hair could get to them.

The best thing to do for healthy hair is to use quality, professional products. And not the products purchased at mass market retailers or health food store! Keyword being quality, just because the label says “professional” does not mean it actually is. Different standards, different ingredients.

I tell my clients to please avoid putting fat on their hair. It accomplishes nothing with only one messy exception.
One exception- Put something on your hair that is actually moisturizing, then seal it in overnight with a tiny amount of oil. Then wash it all out in the morning. (There are better ways.)

Clients are turning to oil as the inexpensive, does-it-all hair potion. New clients report having been recommended to use it and they are putting coconut oil in their hair before blow drying or even ironing. My dryer varies between 320 and 340 degrees at the tip. With oil and heat, you can fry an egg at just 130 degrees. That’s not a good recommendation.


(*This is only my thoughts about hair. I do agree with using it for other things such on the skin and it makes an excellent eye make up remover!)


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