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This page is dedicated to sharing all of my favorite products, mostly from Amazon for all you Prime lovers, but will have other site links as well! (As part of the Amazon Affiliate program, I may qualify for a small commission on some Amazon orders.) These are all things we talk about in the salon, in one place for easy shopping, just click on the photo or pink product link! It will range from hair, body and skin hair to food and drinks, of course including coffee!

Beauty & Hair

Hair Products:  OWAY & O&M  I  Onesta, Ouidad, Style Edit & More

Facial Dermaplaning tool: These are great for a handy little tool to take care of peach fuzz and unwanted chin/lip hair. They are $5 for a pack of 3 right now (Pack of 9 shown below). I love how my make up goes on and looks smoother without all the peach fuzz on my cheeks/jaw.Hair Dryer: My current favorite dryer is my Dyson. I have the Supersonic Pro, but at a higher price point and features not necessary for home use, the Supersonic is equivalent for you! You can choose different colors on Dyson’s website and for Mother’s Day 2020, they featured this pretty ALL pink version here, so you know I was excited!

Hot Air Brush: This brush is made by Hot Tools,  my favorite for professional curling irons. It is a hot air brush, called One Step Blow Out, designed to dry and smooth at the same time. It has a big diameter, so it’s best for volumizing and smoothing. At the time of posting this cost $75-$80, depending on the color. Since I no longer carry all styling tools in salon, the best I’ve found for consumers to purchase is from Amazon. *Holiday Special pricing is around $60! Kitsch Towel Scrunchies: After my friend gave me one to try, we ALL need one! (Link to Amazon or shop direct from their website.)

Make Up, Moisturizer and Cleanser: Crunchi is my current favorite, I’m sure you already know! It is a toxin free, gluten-free and vegan line that outperforms conventional brands and is 100% safe for everyone to use. Shop  here anytime with no order minimums or auto ship required!

Mascara: Burts Bees now has a few different options. Here is the Amazon landing page. The one I told you about is the Nourishing, but I would like to try Volumizing next (Black Brown option here)! Generic search link here.

Color Concealer: If you can’t make it in, order Style Edit Root Concealer Spray, Powder, or Touch Up Stick to blend your new growth temporarily. Lasts until you wash! Order from Salon Interactive or Amazon if you have Prime!

Quarantine  Hair Clippers: I’ve had a few ask What kind of clippers to get to do some at home cutting for their husbands/boyfriends/kids. I think these are a good clipper set because they have a full range of clipper attachment options, and they’re numbered for easy use! Available on Amazon here and should get you through corona/flu season!

Coffee, Flavorings & Food
Collagen Peptides: Collagen promotes healthy hair growth and has many other benefits. Vital Proteins is a good brand and comes in flavored or unflavored and creamer. Your body absorbs the powdered form of supplements best, but if you prefer here is a pill instead. 

Drinking Chocolate & Organic Flavored Syrup: Going into Fall and Winter, I love Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Coffee Lattes!  One of my favorite brands I use in my Etsy shop and at home is Maud’s. They have the perfect seasonal box this year! Try it out at the salon, then shop here for direct or Amazon to order yours! (Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Lattes are SO good too!)

My Summer favorite  is to recreate a Coconut Mocha from a local coffee house! With some insider info on the recipe, I’ve created a duplicate that could pretty much pass as the original! I use this Coconut Mocha coffee, Nib Mor organic drinking chocolate (can get a Whole Foods or if you have Prime, here is the best deal for a pack of 6) and Joe’s Syrup organic Coconut Syrup found here.

Mexican Mocha Abuelita Chocolate: I had been using this to make Mexican Mochas, but it can also be used for Hot Cocoa! It’s spicy and sweet, but since I only use 1/8 of a bar, I also add some Chocolate SweetDrops for Coffee. My favorite Cinnamon kup to brew is Brooklyn Beans Cinnamon Subway, Decaf Version also available here, or you can also use with a Mocha brew. Caffeinated, I like Timothy’s Mocha Java but it isn’t always in stock. I found this new Chocolate Mocha I like too or if you don’t drink caffeine, try it with Double Doughnut Mocha Nut Fudge Decaf. I usually prefer to highlight the spice flavor, so I like a Cinnamon brew!
Stevia Sweetner: My favorite right now is SweetLeaf SweetDrops. I first tried Caramel and Clear but wanted to try them all and Amazon has this perfect pack of 5, including clear, caramel, chocolate, coconut, and vanilla!

Non Dairy Creamer: Whole30 Approved makes these non dairy NutPods a win. I wish they were made with Organic ingredients, but maybe in the future! They just launched OatMilk OatPods and they are my current favorite. With a quick squeeze of sweet drops and 2 tablespoons of creamer, it makes the perfect cup of coffee from! Their Winter Collection is now in stock on Amazon here including Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha and Holiday Nog.

General food & Beverage

Coconut Water is so good…if you get the right one! I’ve tried some that are so bad I had no idea why anyone would drink coconut water. I bought this brand, Nature Factor, at our local grocery until they no longer carried it so now I just order from Amazon. It is pricier than some but to me it is worth it, especially after a good run or workout.

Etsy Shop
You already know my love for flavored coffee! Visit my shop on Etsy @CSCountdowncalendars to shop for fun Christmas Advent/Countdown Calendars. I also have Birthday, Halloween and other customizable events and holiday boxes available. Some versions available in decaf or Hot Cocoa options as well. Each edition sells out quickly because they are SO fun! Follow my Instagram to see when the new boxes come out or just fun coffee inspiration!

It’s no secret I love Dyson! When these vacuums first came out I had one and loved it. I’ve since upgraded to this V7, but there is a newer V8 and V8 Absolute with a carpet and hard floor attachment (and don’t worry, they’re not pink!).


Juicer: I’ve had this Breville juicer for a few years now and love it! It works great and isn’t that difficult to clean. My favorite is Joe Cross’ Mean Green Juice, but make a beet/carrot/orange that’s pretty good too!

Ember Mug to keep your coffee the temperature you prefer! Available in White, Black and Copper. Shop here for Amazon.

Keurig Cafe One Touch Milk Frother: I’ve used this frother for years and it is awesome! It heats and frothes (dairy) milk perfectly for my lattes.
Keurig K Cafe: I love this Keurig because of the added frother. You can do cold or hot and have the Shot and strong option to make really good lattes.

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