Wet Stretch Test

A wet stretch test is a quick and simple way to determine the proper treatment plan for you hair. The results of the Wet Stretch Test are indisputable and very clearly demonstrates what products you need to achieve and maintain healthy hair, and why.

Step 1: Separate about 10 strands of hair and spray with water. For best results, make sure the hair is well saturated.

Step2: Hold hair firmly between both hands.

Step 3: Gently but firmly pull hair away from your head. Ensure you pull with enough tension to assess if the hair strands stretch.

Observe how the hair stretches and returns. Analyze and compare with the results below.

Healthy hair should stretch around 30% of its length and then return, like an elastic band, showing no signs of damage.

~Hair which stretches and 30% of its length and then returns is healthy.

~Hair which stretches but doesn’t return to its previous length is weak in protein.

~Hair which doesn’t stretch is low in moisture.

~Hair which stretches and breaks is low in protein and moisture.

Using the correct products will help protect your hair from the daily damage it gets. It will also help in keeping your hair healthy as it grows.

Source: Organic Color Systems, Wet Stretch Test

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