New Business Checklist

Below are a few things to help you get what you need to start your new business or move your existing one.

  • TN State Board Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetician,
    Massage Therapist License, Mircoblading/Permanent Cosmetics Certificate/License
  • Knox County Standard Business License
  • Sales Tax and Use License (if selling $4,800+ in retail)
  • Sign for your Suite entrance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Optional Renters Insurance
  • Only Moving Locations? File proper paperwork to update the address

Also, a list of State Board Requirements to obtain a Shop License:

A  Cosmetology shop must meet the following requirements before it can be inspected:

  • One (1) shampoo bowl with hot and cold running water in work area and chair
  • One (1) enclosed storage area for clean towels
  • One (1) covered container for soiled towels
  • One (1) covered trash container maintained in a sanitary condition
  • One (1) dry sterilizer, or sanitary compartment
  • One (1) wet sterilizer (for example: Barbicide or other liquid sterilizers)
  • One (1) work station (standard size) for each operator
  • One (1) ultra violet sanitizer
  • One (1) blood spill kit; and
  • Adequate restroom facilities
  • Laundry facilities may not be visible to the public
  • All containers for cosmetic products must be properly labeled

Additional requirements for Nail Salons

  • Sign prominently posted stating that the customer has the right not to have drills used on his or her nails

Additional requirements for Skin Care Shops

  • One (1) magnifying lamp

Of these things in the standard list above, for any shop, you will only need: Specialty Equipment (see additional items lists), Dry Sterilizer/Sanitary Compartment, Wet Sterilizer (Barbicide), UV Sanitizer,  & a Blood Spill Kit. Everything else will be furnished!

Massage Therapy businesses have different requirements. You will only need the items from the first list. Microblading and Permanent Cosmetic Shops are regulated by the state board and Health Department. Refer to for more information on what is required to open your shop. Equipment provided will be similar to an Esthetician/Skin care suite.

All suites will have to hang licenses and Inspection reports in a visible location, and a nail shop will also need proper signage regarding drills.

All Suites are considered a fully operating business. You will be individually inspected and required to keep your suite clean. You will get to name your own Salon whatever you choose, set your own hours and work when you want! We are happy to help you get started if this seems overwhelming. We can go through the checklist together and get your business open as soon as possible!

Adapted from Cosmetology, Massage, Nail & Skin Care Shop©2018.

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