Smoothing Treatments

Smooth Rituals keratin smoothing treatments are offered at BoShaVo Salon. This is a more popular choice than a chemical relaxer because they do not alter the condition of your hair.

Smooth Rituals is a non-toxic keratin smoothing treatment and protein restoration products
are formulated without formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients. Instead we use nourishing organic botanicals and safe replacements to create smooth, frizz-free hair that last 3-4 months without compromising your health or hair.


There are many benefits in a smoothing treatment. Your hair will be more manageable, less frizzy, and it will cut down on styling time. Ask about it at your next appointment!

I prefer a week in between the treatment and color. Depending on the color service you get, that will determine if it is best to touch up your color before or after.

Aftercare: Salon Quality Products, Smooth Rituals take home care line.

*Olaplex treatments can continue while receiving either Smoothing treatment. It can be very beneficial to continue as it helps to rebuild and repair from the inside of the hair.Call or Text to schedule your appointment and we will determine which is best for your hair.

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